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The book ‘Adventures of Zora Nobleaura’ is an animal fable of the young fawn named, Zora. She lives with her little forest family in Butterburrow, North of the Island. Her cinnamon coloured friends, Almon(d) and Coco(a) explore the forest and its perils.

A trembling fear for the herd is yet to be overcome. What is it? Is it wild as the forest?

Zora and her mother, Arul- Illustrations from the book by Kushali

The fable continues into its second half exploring the 4 ends of the island to seek what they call ‘magic’. Silver boon Harbour, Clover Base, Butterburrow, and Barrowfield. Barrowfield being the dwelling of humans. So what are Zora, Almon, and Coco seeking here? Is it truly magic? Or is it something else?

Barrowfield from the book- illustration by Kushali

The story of Zora Nobleaura is written by Harsha Sheelam and illustrated by Kushali Sheelam.

This fable teaches children to overcome fears and seek their own magic. Magic here is nothing superficial. It’s what’s inside them. Their talent and all the wonderful things they can do.

Zora at the festival

Note from the author:

We are all accustomed to Aesop’s fables. The Greek fabulist and storyteller whose fables are being read since 2500 years. He introduced the animal characters and the animation henceforth. The author takes inspiration from Aesop’s journey of storytelling using animal characters for her first work with animal fables.

The messenger of the herd is here to say that the book ‘Adventures of Zora Nobleaura’ is now available on Amazon for purchase.

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