“Adventures of Zora Nobleaura” adds to the imagination of 1-6 year old children.

This book is about Zora, the fawn and her little forest family living in Butterburrow, North of the island. Zora and her herd overcome perils of the forest, a few that they were very afraid of. But what were those fears? How did they overcome it?

In the second part of the story, they set out on an adventure to seek her magic. They travel to the waterfall in Silverboon Harbour and to the seashore at Clover Base. But why do they do so?

Clue: She had the magic all along. So where was it? and what was it?

Here’s the cover of the new book written by Harsha Sheelam and Illustrated by Kushali Sheelam.

A paint and color art by Kushali Sheelam.


Note from author:

This is the author’s first work with animal characters. She has taken inspiration from Aesop’s fables who was a Greek fabulist and storyteller. His work has been always remembered since last 2500 years, a bright example is the fable- ‘The tortoise and the Hare’. His stories were all based on animals. Definitely, animals couldn’t talk, but the stories taught so much and there is so much to still learn.