Yesterday, speeches and preaches spoke of belonging to a religion of ‘humanity’.

The true nature of mankind prevails in times of both “triumph and disaster”.

Pandemic has caught the world in a tough spot. What is the nature of man in times of ‘disaster’?

Today, speeches and preaches speak, “I’m young, immune & unbothered”, “I’ll hoard”, “I’ll execute”, “Drive people out of institution like cattle” and more explain communalism.

The world is offering us a chance to stick together as one. But, are we accepting it?

Would it still take time until the religion called, “humanity” takes birth?

When I wrote my novel, “Good exists in all the exists“, I acknowledged a statement in the book by my grandfather, Dr.Pavan Malvay, who said, “The body dies but the soul is eternal.”

In times of ‘self-isolation‘self-discipline’ let’s make it worth eternity.


Note from writer: My prayers and regards with the world to cope with coronavirus. A special gratitude and prayer for medical professionals who are working tirelessly each day. We pray for togetherness and strength in these testing times.

-Harsha Sheelam 

Word-erful stories are small stories or articles. What a ‘word’ reminds you, the first thought and introspection.