There are many who often fall prey to the spiteful words. The only thing that this world lacks is love. We fail to show love to every living thing on this planet. Oh! the non-living things, the material things are the luckiest to receive all the love humans are capable of.

I knew a man who was a millionaire but still chose to drive around in a small yellow car. He grew old in the pair of white shirt and pant. Do we see it in the millennial generations?

A wise man once said “The body dies but the soul is eternal”

What’s more? People have to scum to societal pressure to own goods of conspicuous consumption. What follows if not adhered to? Bully, teasing, maliciousness, and more.

It is the victory of the one who is teasing and bullying you if you react and be subjugated by is words and actions. But when you seem “senseless of the bob”, when you laugh it off, then you defeat the foolish bully in front of you.

Word-erful stories are small stories or articles. What a ‘word’ reminds you, the first thought and introspection. 

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