Humans are the most under-valued living things just like the tiny nail fold sticking out from the side of your middle finger giving you perpetual pain.

I heard a doctor say, “Nowadays doctors are termed to be a part of ‘cheap business'” It is not just the doctors, but people from all walks of life. That parent who often complains to the principal about the gullible teacher. The auto-driver who gets annoyed for taking him a kilometre further and charges another Rs.20.

There is a cycle that exists. One person undervalues the other, and the other undervalues someone else.

Does this cycle stop?

Yes, it does. Humans may be undervalued, but they are kind. You’ve had a rough day or someone was unkind to, return kindness to someone and make their day. This kindness never goes to waste, just accumulates over time.

Most of the Indian companies have lost valuable human capital to international companies. The Indian companies haven’t been kind to Indian human capital, perhaps more kind to their children. Sundar Pichai to Google, Ajaypal Singh Banga to Mastercard, and Satya Nadella to Microsoft (to name a few) are undervalued humans of India.

Nepotism and the undervaluation of Indian human capital are the trailblazers to failure.

Find more on this in the article below

Global Company v/s Global Human Capital

Financial Value v/s Human Value

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