The first time humans learnt of numbers was in kindergarten. By their 1st grade, they knew what number comes next and did pretty well is their mathematics exam when they had to ‘circle the highest number’.

When they reached their early teens, they chose a higher percentage of aggregate marks. In their late teens, they preferred a higher number of likes and follows on social media accounts.

This circle of choosing hasn’t drawn to a close ever since. If you’re in your twenties, you’re probably looking for the highest pay package. That one offer which would be undeniable because its numbers are as high as you want.

There will always be one company that will pay you higher than the other. Since you’re conditioned since childhood to ‘circle the highest number’ you are driven towards it. The highest number is not the solution to achieving your goal.

We’ve understood it all wrong since childhood.

What does ‘circle the highest number’ imply? :

  1. For a child- Understanding the subject.
  2. For an early teen– To do well in examinations.
  3. For a late teen– Realizing what you want to do in the future, which subject to specialize in.
  4. For an adult– The learning from the experience.

Would the other job giving you a higher package provide the same experience, invention, exposure and, magic as the current one?

Would you be satisfied with your work? and How feasible it is to move?

Most importantly,

Do you love what you’re doing or going to do?

Follow your passion and not numbers. The true meaning of numbers is to create magic, and your own fairytale.

Had Cinderella not been taught to read the time in her childhood she would’ve never saved herself and have a happy ending.

While she understood the power of knowledge, did you?

Happy Thinking!

Word-erful stories are small stories or articles. What a ‘word’ reminds you, the first thought and introspection. 

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