The Crystalice Awards 2019 is curated by Author Harsha Sheelam for fellow children’s book authors.

“The Crystalice Awards” is an international and autonomous award given to children’s storybooks. The award is named after the fantasy land of “Crystalice” featured in Harsha Sheelam’s juvenile fiction novel “Good Exists in all that Exists”. Since the novel was her debut novel, and the word ‘Crystalice’ was coined by her there wasn’t any other best alternative name for the award.

For those who aren’t aware ‘Crystalice’ stands for the victory of the ‘Good’. Therefore, let the best book win.

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Late Hollywood actress, Marilyn Monroe  once said, “Don’t let your fear of failing triumph over the joy of participating.”

We’ve had a stressy time deciding on the winner of the award as every book ranked well on content and illustrations. The creativity, storyline, storybook layout, captivating the reader’s imagination & attention were a few among the many factors that determine our winner for this year.

We are the believers of ‘Good Exists in all that Exists’ and hence, acknowledge all the books as winners and congratulate our mettlesome participants.

This is the beginning of your journey and there’s a long way to go.

Below is the list of Top 5 picks for The Crystalice Awards 2019

(in no particular order)

1. Evita Giron’s ‘The Girl with Magical Curls’


Evita Giron from New Jersey, USA was inspired by her little daughter Tatiana for this story. The Girl With The Magical Curls is a story about a little girl who learns to love her curls and accidentally discovers her ringlets have a mind of their own! In the beginning, Tatiana secretly desired to have long, straight hair like Rapunzel. When she comes across a mysterious bottle of hair growth oil, she wonders is this the answer to all of her straight hair dreams?

2. Becky Benishek’s ‘The Squeezer is Coming’


Becky Benishek is an author from Wisconsin, USA. The Squeezor is a friendly monster who just wants to give hugs: Great, big, wrap-his-arms-around-you-twice, squeezy hugs. The trouble is, he looks so scary, even other monsters run away! How can he get them to look past his appearance?

3. Kyle Ann Robertson’s ‘Too Many Talents’


Georgian author Kyle Ann Roberson’s pen name is BB Walsh. Too Many Talents, Nissa, the youngest Woodland Fairy who always speaks in verse, spots other fairies practising for the Annual Woodland Talent Show. Nissa adds their talents to her singing performance, but in the end, she does what she does the best and wins.

4. Ellie Lieberman’s ‘The Butter Thief’


Ellie Lieberman penned the story from California, USA. The story is inspired by the author’s first basset hound, Basil. Brigid and her mom are making their annual birthday butter biscuits, but someone keeps trying to steal the butter they’ve worked so hard on. Is it Basil, their dog? Or, is it someone else?

5. Evangeline Duran Fuentes’ ‘A Tumbleweed Christmas’


Californian author Evangeline Duran Fuentes published this book in March 2016. Two city kids from California move out to the country, to the Great State of Texas! With doubts as to whether they will fit in, they run into barbed wire attitudes and a lot of hard work. Can they last long enough to experience the warmth, good manners, and compassion that the good people of Texas have to offer?

We assume that our blog readers would have estimated by now the difficulty in announcing one name among the best.

All the participants, especially our above 5 have been indomitable.



The real basset hound, basil.
Basil from Ellie Lieberman’s ‘The Butter Thief’
Is Basil really the butter thief?
Or is there another culprit involved in the theft, blaming the gullible Basil?
The brimstone butterfly is of the same colour as the butter. They appear first during spring and show up when people start churning butter.

kdp back of children's book

In this story, the brimstone butterfly fairy steals the butter and frames Basil as the thief. Morally strong and ethical story by Miss. Lieberman about incorrect actions and the consequences to it are rightly depicted teaching children to share and not steal.

Of course, the suspense of the story can’t be fully revealed here. Hence we suggest the following purchase link – The Butter Thief

We couldn’t help but acknowledge another author’s work for the second position.



Nissa, the Woodland fairy decides on a song for the Woodland Talent Show.
Nissa spots other fairies practising for the talent show and gets nervous. What if her singing is not as good as the dance, juggling, and magic?
She practised all three and wanted to be the best in them, eventually getting tired and falling asleep.

On the day of the Talent Show Nissa does what she can do the best.



BB Walsh’s story motivates children to not be disheartened when they see others perform well. The show is a metaphor for life. Do what you can do the best and get better at it, rather than concentrating and aping what others can do best. We shouldn’t be the personification of ‘Jack of all trades and master of none.’

The purchase link to this beautiful story is – Too Many Talents

A hearty congratulations to everyone!

Happy Reading!

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