“The Crystalice Awards” is an autonomous award given to children’s storybooks. The award is named after the fantasy land of “Crystalice” featured in Harsha Sheelam’s juvenile fiction novel “Good Exists in all that Exists”. Since the novel was her debut novel, and the word ‘Crystalice’ was coined by her there wasn’t any other best alternative name for the award.

For those who aren’t aware ‘Crystalice’ stands for the victory of the ‘Good’. Therefore, let the best book win!

Here are a few simple rules to follow to be a part of this award:

  1. Only one book by one author can be registered.
  2. The participating book should be published.
  3. The following application form has to be filled. (Click Here)
  4. A PDF copy of the book, HD author picture, synopsis of the story, book cover picture, should be e-mailed to sheelamharsha22@gmail.com
  5. After filling the form and sending other details, you are required to ‘like’ the Facebook Page for future updates (Click Here), make a Facebook and Instagram post about your participation and tag us. (Facebook: @harshasheelamm | Instagram: @harshasheelam)
  6. The last date to apply is January 31st, 2019.

A printable and downloadable certificate in the name of the author and the book will be shared via e-mail.

Result day will be announced soon.
Scroll down to subscribe to the website for the contest and other updates.
You’ve got to hurry to take your spot!!



  • We’re happy to be receiving entries from authors. Thank you for participating, there are slots open for more until 31st January 2019.
  • The tentative RESULTS DAY is 6th February 2019.

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