Things once considered wrong are now right

Everyone is so case sensitive

Everyone has to get a turn, never mind earning your spot

Everybody has shown the same courtesies, but is it not just a new form of legalism?

Adults are saying they are being bullied but bullying is a choice, so choose wiser

It is important to stand for something or else you fall for everything only absolute truth-God

We are now at a place where the thought process of other peoples’ truth cannot be disagreed with

What matters has no place

As long as I get mine, a person’s word means nothing

Is this really America, we want the world to witness?

-PM Mathis ©2018 Pew Partners

About the Poet

Pamela Michelle Mathis is a poet from Decatur Al, Alabama. Signs of the Time is about the state of affairs of the human condition in America. 

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