Seasons Greetings!
Christmas is almost here, we are shouting out to our fellow author of Christmas books.
What is it about?
Most tales of Santa and the North Pole are usually short, lovely stories loaded with lots of ‘cutesy’ illustrations. The ‘Adventures of Fawn’ are quite the opposite. They are epic novels ideal for any and every age group!
Fawn is the daughter of legendary reindeer Comet and Vixen. A young, friendless reindeer tired of being cooped up in the stable at Santa’s Village, Fawn starts sneaking
out each day in search of fun, adventure and excitement. She finds them all. But, Fawn also finds herself in many dangerous situations she is unprepared for.
‘The Adventures of Fawn’ trilogy is a ‘coming of age’ series, unlike any North Pole stories you’ve ever read. Exciting, adventurous, humorous, and heart-warming, even a little thought-provoking. The Adventures of Fawn are an ideal series to read aloud to young children, or, for any and every age group to enjoy in any season.
Three New Covers Together Christmas  ClassicsSept 2018.JPG
About the Author
John McNeil, pen name, AL E. Boy, is from Canada. He lives in Seoul, South Korea and is an English and drama teacher. He has played Santa for 40 years now, and his book answers children’s queries about Santa, North Pole, reindeer, workshop, and everything about Christmas

There are 3 books in ‘The Adventures of Fawn’. They were released in 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively. 
Find the books:


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