Theodopolous the mongoose was a wily little chap,

Brave as any lion, and smarter than a rat.

He liked ant scones for breakfast and small frogs with his tea

and for dinner, he liked gull chicks he’d catch down by the sea.


Theodopolous the mongoose lived underneath a wall,

a cosy little place though it was a tad too small

Sometimes a snake would venture in to- try it out for size

only to find Theodopolous there- much to its surprise.

Oh what a stroke of luck not having to go find lunch

to find it’s just been delivered in- just in time for brunch.


Theodopolous had a girlfriend, a frisky little thing,

with half an ear and half a tail who went by the name of Lynne.

Oh, how she loved her Theo, and how Theo loved his Lynne,

with her wiry steel grey hair and a cheeky little grin.


Sometimes they would go out to hunt down a bit of nosh,

They weren’t fussy eaters-but didn’t mind a bit of posh.

Like caviar and crackers or a small domestic cat

Sometime’s they’d get lucky and catch a scrumptious small-eared bat.


One day when they were out-in search of pastures new,

and came across a cobra which was more than they could chew.

But he was not a mongoose for giving anyway,

as far as Theodopolous was concerned this snake was only prey.


His back went up-he circled round- intending to take it down

But this big snake- was in no mood- for giving any ground.

Theodopolous sprang up high- as the cobra struck at him.

But Theodopalous jumped back at it -encouraged by his Lynne

A furious fight then ensued- it was such a fearsome sight.

Till the Cobra made a badly timed move and received the fatal bite.

It took some time to eat this prey-they stayed with it two days

till they had their fill of eating snake and they went off on their way


Theodopolous and Lyne-O’ how they loved to play

Like running through the cane-fields and tumbling in the hay

Then one day in the mangrove swamp they almost lost their way

It was then that Lynne announced to him she was in the family way.


‘’We’ll need a bigger den to stay- than our place beneath the wall

So off they went to find somewhere new- that could accommodate them all.

They looked around for many days- but a place they could not find

for most of the dens, they came across had a resident inside.


Theo has almost given up, on finding somewhere new

and It was only a day or two before their young were due.

But then by a stroke of luck while drinking from the stream

He had to give himself a nip to make sure it was no dream.

For there it was, in front of him- on the bank behind a stone

The place that they’d been looking for the perfect family home.


They built their nest she settled down, while Theo paced around

Waiting on the tell-tale squeaks coming up from underground.

He first heard one, then number two then three, then four

then five, then six and seven then arrived- much to his surprise

Then just when he thought that was them all another did appear

Four boys, four girls, their little squeaks were ringing in his ear.


Theodopolous the mongoose was a contented little chap

Brave as any Lion and smarter than a rat

He liked going out to hunt each day- to feed his hungry brood

as they waited excitedly on their  father -bringing back the food

They liked ant scones for breakfast and small frogs with their tea

and For dinner, they liked gull chicks that he’d catch down by the sea.

-John Scott

About the Poet

John Scott was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, a great city of culture that has spawned so many great writers. He has been writing stories, songs, and poems for several years and is a singer and musician as well. He has had seven of his poems published into print by the United Kingdom’s biggest publisher of poetry. He currently lives by the Indian Ocean on the island of Mauritius semi-retired from his catering business. He also has several novels on preparatory stages.

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