A calm tropical night on Capricorns line

Heady and hot under the indigo sky

The moon sits like a glassy precious pearl

0n a sea of navy velvet

Casts its soft glow over the garden

shadows and silhouettes are dark and mysterious –

but still-reassuringly familiar

the Gazebo, the sun-dial  the shrubs,

At the end of the garden stands the mango

An ancient colossus, gnarled and twisted

Weighted down with fruit, as yellow as the ripening sun

Fragrant and sweet, its heady perfume thrills the senses

The quiet of the evening is broken,

a sound of wings pushing down on air breaks the silence.

As dragon-like shadows skit across the night sky,

Like an invading swarm, winged terriers

with dog-like faces-are hungry

Pulled in by the heady scent of the ripe soft fruit

to gorge, unseen in the shadow of the moon

as they reap the tree, of its sun, kissed bounty.

Loud squabbles break the night

As they fight over prized the fruit

The ancient mangos shadow-seems alive

as if a giant nest of giant wasps tending their grubs

Then suddenly as they came –bellies full, they leave

The feast over for this night,

As they head to roost in the distant forest

Tomorrow another garden, another tree

will be harvested by the hungry swarm

-John Scott

About the  Poet

John Scott was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, a great city of culture that has spawned so many great writers. He has been writing stories, songs, and poems for several years and is a singer and musician as well. He has had seven of his poems published into print by the United Kingdom’s biggest publisher of poetry. He currently lives by the Indian Ocean on the island of Mauritius semi-retired from his catering business. He also has several novels on preparatory stages.

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