What if?

What if the life starts from the coffin?

And you open the latched door of it to come to the world? Then you start digging the ground to be on Earth. Yes, you are now born so ‘Happy Birthday’ to you.

Look at your face, you look wrinkled and old. You are either bald or you bear grey hair. You search for a stick and start dwelling from a hospital bed. Some years later, you get alright and little young.  You reach near your wife at some day. She looks old too. Two of you look at the time running anticlockwise to be younger each day!

You have a huge bank balance and two kids when you get your birth from a coffin and meet your soul mate. You are employed and you have experienced badge hung on your chest. You work for some decades and start being a college goer.  I can feel the reversed life!

Your party starts now. You stay late nights chatting to lovers and you study and work hard to drop down to high school. You study from hypothesis and criticism to go to simple poems, you solve algebraic expressions and logical questions to understand the basics. You get in high school after at least 3 years of college life.

There you start to forget more about your life. Your wrinkles are disappeared. You look like a queen bee. You have all your crazy friends and you talk about your old age to share about yourself to friends. Few years of being younger and bud, you enter the primary school.

Now your parents start you to assist you to school. You talk less and shit in bushes, lol. You start complaining about your best friends of having stolen your pencil. Your handwriting gets old and broken. Your knowledge gets shrunk. You know nothing after a few years and be naked finally!

Your parents cheer for your young age and start changing your diapers. You just cry on the lap of your mother and suck her breasts. You finally enter the mother’s womb and enjoy 9 months swimming in happiness. Your body will get smaller each day. At the end of 9 months, you die with an orgasm. You leave the world for a short period of time.

What if this is the process of our growth? In which stage will you be now? I would be a medalist in one of the corporations. I would have my kids and I will be getting demoted daily to a fresh employee.

P.S: Read for fun. Life is looked in a different manner.

-Hari Narayan Timsina

About the writer

Hari Narayan Timsina is a 25-year-old writer from Bhutan. He did his bachelors degree from Sherubtse College under the Royal University of Bhutan pursuing BA in English and Dzongkha. Currently, he works in the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources as Assistant Program Officer. During his pass time, he jots down some lines. “If you have nothing to write about, write about nothing.”


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