The stories are about Poppydown’s 8-year-old children. The book traces the life of Poppydown’s pals and provides contemporary morals for children. These morals will help children grow to their best potentials.

Poppydown is a small town near Apple Coast Castle. Pratt, who is a resident of the town, is the main protagonist in the book. He is chubby, kind, and honest, but he makes mistakes like all children do. Positively, he never fails to learn lessons from his blunders. Pratt learns to be body positive, work hard, staying away from stealth and greed, the essence of festivals, loving others who are different from us, understanding that appearances are deceptive, loving and respecting elders, protecting those who can’t protect themselves, appreciating hard work over beauty, and understanding that useful things are of more importance than ornamental. His friends and family play a major role in empowering and motivating Pratt.

Poppydown Pals captures ten different stories from the life of four friends. Full of freshness, humour, and insight; Poppydown’s tales endorse hard work, honesty, and perseverance. The book equips children for a better future. The instructive and inspiring fables from Poppydown’s children’s lives are full of richness which will help children to develop character and have fun reading time.

The book establishes age-old and contemporary morals in children in a delightful form.

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