Books, undeniably, have the power to move and inspire us. And let’s face it, sometimes we need a pick me up, or even something a bit more powerful to get us back on track and in the right mindset to face our demanding and sometimes overpowering lives. Here’s a list of five favourite women’s reads (guys can read them too) because now and then we all need a bit of sunshine in our lives.

1. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

A no holds barred journey through Sophia’s life, from her misfit adventures of petty crime, dumpster diving and low living, to the CEO of a massive, internationally successful fashion company of her very own. This book reads like no other “business” autobiography you’ll come across and if you don’t mind the swearing, will convince you to go out into the world and kick some ass in your own unique way.




2. Introducing Psychology of Relationships: A Practical Guide by John Karter

Whether you’re single, have just come out of a bad breakup, or have been in a relationship for a while, this book should be read by anyone and everyone. It might not be the most conventional choice for a list like this. What makes it amazing is the insightful and easy to follow the way it deals with the way we feel about ourselves and others. Quite an eyeopener.




3. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Maria Kondo

I know what you’re thinking. Cleaning is bad enough, but reading a book about it? In all seriousness though, the title doesn’t lie: it really is life-changing. It isn’t a blast back to the 1950s that tells you how to scrub your oven and dust the rafters (though it has some good pointers). What it is is a guide to decluttering your habitat as well as your way of thinking to lead a happier, easier going, less stressed out existence overall.




4. Educated by Tara Westover

Heart breaking at times but beautiful at others, this is not a feelgood story. It reads like something out of a cult survivor’s autobiography, which it kind of is. It tells of how Tara overcame her family background, financial situation and lack of education to not only gain a PhD but to expand her world and her own mind beyond anything she could previously have imagined. It reminds every reader that there is so much beauty out there in the world to be thankful for.




5. The Binti series by NnediOkorafor

Technically, theseare three books.It’s also fiction, but don’t let that put you off. As it follows a young girl’s coming of age story, her encounters with family, culture, and death. Ultimately, it is about her bravery and overcoming, about finding a place in the universe and making peace with who and what you are. At the same time, it is about very real cultural differences and conflicts,and also thequestions surrounding what it means to be a woman. Binti, Binti: Home and Binti: The Night Masquerade ask all the right questions and are a joy to read.




We hope you’ve enjoyed this list! Let us know what you think of our selection.

About the writer:

Liza Breytenbach is a book blogger, freelance writer and editor from South Africa. She has also been a bookseller for over five years and reads anything, new or classic, but her favourite genres are science fiction and fantasy.

She is also passionate about yoga, jogging, sharing her love for books or reading with her cat, Artemis, curled up on her lap.


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