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About the writer:

Losioki Somoire is a practising teacher of Kiswahili Language & literature in Kiswahili and History & Government. Currently teaching at Oloitokitok Boys Secondary school, Kajiado, Kenya.  An author and contemporary poet writing in both Swahili, English and Maasai languages, some of his books include ‘I Never Bore for My Husband’, ‘No to Early Child Marriage’, ‘Siku ya Sizonje Zarina’, ‘A Small Book of Poems: A Generous Gift anthology of poems’, and ‘History and Government Revision Book, Form One’.

A Maasai youth, in his young age, educated, well attuned to his Maasai culture and a budding scholar in the field of comparative studies, is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Education (Comparative & International Studies).

He is willingly articulating concepts of education, culture and development in an effort to improve his community. He has been at the forefront collecting material for a cultural Maasai museum, documenting and researching the traditional culture of the Maasai in Kajiado, Kenya. 

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