When we were in first grade, we did not find it feasible to see ourselves writing books. Our options were severely limited to being a doctor, teacher, or engineer.

From an early age, we were taught about compliance. Compliance with being successful in exams, tests, and being perfect. Anything opposite to compliance would deem us to be disobedient and rebellious.

Is it feasible to be perfect?

Everything we do is often backed by the fear of failure. Something which we do not believe will be doable or feasible.

When I was fourteen, I lost severely at a throwball tournament at school. It was disgraceful to be the worst performer of all in front of a lot of audiences who would go on to speak about it to more people. It was my first tournament and I was new, nervous, and non-fluent- the 3 N’s of failure.

Had someone met with failure, in the adult world, he or she would give up due to uneasiness, inconvenience, and unfeasibility.

After the drastic embarrassing backslides, I practised for a year, to hopefully make it to the team again, expecting that the coach didn’t keep my yesteryear’s performance in her mind.

It was a blow when I made it to the team, but the captain was a little apprehensive about my performance on the T-day. I thought it would be very feasible for her to make me warm the bench as a reserve.

That didn’t happen, and then we said our prayers before taking our positions on the court.

What a match it was!

The first team to score 10 points wins a set. A match is three sets. The first team to win two sets is declared the winner. We played against two teams in the framework L-W-W.

The feeling of doom makes us give up. Especially in the adult world, where we believe our framework is L-L-L even before playing the other two sets.

Essentially everyone needs to differentiate between feasibility and fear. It only takes perseverance, patience, and pace to win and overcome fear and believe in do-ability or feasibility. The 3 Ps of life.

Without failure, without a test, it’s easy to slip into a downhill battle. Just follow the trial and error method as you do it and till you do what you wanted to.

Word-erful stories are small stories or articles. What a ‘word’ reminds you, the first thought and introspection. 

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