Every lover of art views a different story when they see a marvel.

When I saw these paintings, it reminded me of the protagonists of the novel, “Good Exists in all that Exists.”

Know more about the artists by tapping on their name. 

We all live through art.

Children's Novel

“Wintershore is a small town on the outskirts of Sunsetville. The population does not surpass 5,000 people. The town escapes in the wilderness.”

(Painting from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)


“Clarissa, fourteen-year-old, with rosy cheeks and taken after her father in terms of the deep blue eyes.”

(Painting- J. W. Godward ‘When the heart is young’ 1902.)


“The Lady went to the window, “It seems like nature is angry. Look at the wild breeze, it’s unprecedented screams to hear it. The swaying trees seem like they are moving for war.”

(Painting- ‘Lovers’ by Walter Marin Baumhofer. (1904-1987)

Rudolf Tewes

“The ladies at the tea party couldn’t stop gushing about Mr.Peter Austin. Mr. Austin was the city official in Rold Island. He was asked to move to Wintershore so that he could develop the city, just as he did in Rold Island.Mr. Peter Austin is a tall and handsome gentleman. His face boasted of slight stubble and blue eyes. He surely drew many eyeballs from women. But, his eyes were meant only for Lady Austin.”

(Painting-  Self-portrait by Rudolf Tewes, 1906.)


“Claire makes a new friend, Geetanjali. Claire asks her whether she could accompany her while taking a stroll in the village, and Geetanjali affirms.”

(Painting by Philip Alexius de László)


The novel showcases a mix of cultures. The pelt merchant of Cairo in the painting reminds of Mr.Datta from ‘Good Exists in all that Exists’

(Painting- Pelt merchant of Cairo, by Jean Leon Gerome, 1869.)

Few paintings from around the world, a small initiative to bring you closer to art.

Happy Painting!

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