Untamed is the CEO of Untamed Publishing LLC, Albany Georgia, United States. In 2012, she released her debut book Never Again…No More. Her work gave her an opportunity as a writer and interviewer of SWAG Magazine California and Souf. Her interviewees and articles include Hollywood Pompeii, DJ N-Fluence (Australia), and Hazel E from VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood. 

Author Interview of Harsha Sheelam by Untamed Publishing LLC 

The Author Interview with Untamed Published LLC remains on their website for 2 weeks. So, I’ve listed out my favorite questions from the interview below.

Q. Wow. Amazing. Tell your story because you never know who it may help. That brings me to my next question. What are some of your other aspirations for your writing career?

I just hope to spread the message through my books and be able to inspire as many children as possible. The numbers don’t play a big role here, and sometimes there are no numbers. I only want to continue to write for my passion and for those who love to read.

Q. If you were to write a book about yourself what would you name it? Why? 

I would name it “Warhorse in a Teacup”. I’ve had so many experiences in life, bullied, verbally attacked, almost died, failed, won, betrayed, got lost, and I still have new difficulties every day which I have to overcome, just like a soldier on the battlefield. But, on the outside, no one can tell that a plain Jane could have many stories to tell which are heart-warming and heart-wrenching.

Q. What makes your writing stand apart from other authors?

Every author has their style, and I wouldn’t want to compare. But I always keep in the details while keeping it simple to read, have a lot of picturesque imagery to expand a child’s imagination, and all the contemporary morals that I focus on, such as, honesty, humanity, hard work, overcoming fear, not to be greedy, avoiding laziness, not undermining people, understanding no one is perfect, knowing true friends, and lots more.

Q. What is one lesson you’ve learned since becoming a published author?

I’ve learned that not everyone is going to be appreciative of what you do. There will be people who will put you down; it takes a strong mind to dodge a worthless bullet.

Happy Reading!

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