This would only be my second blog on personal experience, which many may relate to. A few who have subscribed to the website have written to me about being an old soul, the ones who I have interacted in my interviews have always pointed out about how I was trapped in the 21st century.

In pop culture, many consider being old soul as ‘corny’. They fail to understand that the age of the person doesn’t always correspond to their emotional or mental involvement.

It’s not easy to be an author when you’re only 20. When you’

re an old soul, you don’t want to wait to be old enough to get a job. I wanted a Children’s TV Show for Pogo channel. I did the needful, sent application, synopsis, script, got an appointment, did a meeting, but in conclusion, they said,

“The idea is good, but you’re so young! How will you manage? when do you plan to marry? Will you stay in Hyderabad forever? But you’re so young, how do you know what will happen next. There is more maturing to do.”

Well, thanks.

The old souls would have many experiences in life which have made them the way they are. Most people fail to believe that a 20-something could be experienced in life (including my parents). But no one can blame them.

Images by @lesliedawsonh on Instagram

The things that Old Souls Experiences:

Personality and Likes:

  1. You’re quintessential and love vintage surroundings and things. That could be anything, magazines, pictures, crockery and other things that remind you of the 19th or 20th century, perhaps even older.
  2. You’ve always stayed grounded, obedient to your teachers and parents, not much of an attention seeker from friends as well. Not mandatorily, but you have the possibility of being highly sensitive.
  3. People run to you for advice and believe in your intuition powers. You’ve probably lent your shoulder to many to cry on.
  4. Simple and ordinary things amaze you and you’re content.
  5. You’re happy with that single best-friend that you would want to hold onto for life. You prefer keeping away from shallow friendships.
  6. To-do lists are your forte.
  7. You’re not a fan of partying. Dinners are more your thing. Not everyone, but most dismiss alcohol to go in their system.
  8. You’re blessed with the talent of reading people. You can judge their personality from the moment you lay your eyes on them.
  9. DIYs on Pinterest are your thing. Teapot cakes, cupcakes, Paris, castles, paintings, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, England, art, needlework, Archie comics, Tinkle, bouquets, gardens, countryside, nature, music (How I love listening and playing the Sitar, of course, Indian classical music is listed as ‘for the old’ by many) and you know the rest.
  10. You feel like you’re older than your peers. You don’t make impulsive decisions, probably a thousand things to think of before you make a choice. You see a deeper meaning to everything.

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In Love:

  1. You don’t understand hook-ups and wouldn’t want to be in a relationship that isn’t going to go anywhere. A love that lasts forever is your claim to fame eternity.
  2. You’ve shared arguments with your friends about a committed relationship at a young age.
  3. You are attracted to people older to you, but they’ve always questioned your level of maturity. (this one for the girls)
  4. Loyalty and honesty are not just restricted between a couple in love. But, it is the basis of all kinds of relationships, parents-children, siblings, friends, pet-owner, and so on.
  5. The physical appearance of a person is of less importance. What lies inside matters more.
  6. Comfortable relationships, with compassion and less clinginess and possessiveness. The motto is live and let live.

Flower truck by @floretfarm, &  flower basket @anniebluelowry on Instagram

At Work:

  1. Old souls work hard. They work at their leisure, but then they need results.
  2. They dabble in multiple hobbies. (Writing, hand embroidery, sitar, for now)

Old Soul Levels:

In her book, Varda Hasselmann describes 7 soul age levels of the old soul:

  1. Act against conventional morals from inner conviction.
  2. Honestly admire yourself, dispense with the admiration of others.
  3. Combine precise introspection with active results.
  4. Unite your well-being with the welfare of the community.
  5. Follow a path unwaveringly without knowing where it leads.
  6. Impress by being, not by doing.
  7. Receive without giving, give without receiving

(While I fairly agree with 5 of these. I’d just like to change or add:

5. Follow a “right” path unwaveringly without knowing where it leads. 

7. Give without receiving, and be fine with it. )

Paris’ L’atelier des Ours. Images by @clangart on Instagram


I like travel & nature embroidery. I’d really like to connect with any young embroiderer, please drop me an e-mail.

Location Courtesy: Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad, India. (just feeding your eyes and my post)

This blog has been given as ‘guest post’ to other websites at my consent.


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