Reading With Your Kids (RWYK) Podcast is hosted by Jedlie, also known as Jed Doherty. Jedlie is an award-winning author of ‘The Great Martini’ and ‘Real Magic’ and an education magician from the United States.


The podcast channel is No. 1 on iTunes in the kids and family category. Apart from that, you can also listen to the audio interview on iHeartradio, Stitcher Radio, Podcast Addict, and PodBean.

The initiative taken by RWYK team to encourage people to read to their children is amazing. The podcast begins with a recital of a story from ‘The House of Terry Atterberry’ followed by an interesting heart-to-heart and head-to-head tête-à-tête with Jedlie.

Here’s a direct link to the podcast- Podcast Interview of Harsha Sheelam with RWYK Host Jed Doherty.

Happy Listening!

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