‘A Story Exists in all that Exists’ is the tagline I go by. I wrote down my odyssey as an author and how it had all begun for me. The composition is about the love for creative expression, challenges, and how to overcome them.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

” A year later my grandfather read an essay which I wrote about him and he was thrilled with the way I put it down. He found it to be too perfect to be true. Since that day, he always encouraged me to write. Had it not been for him and my mother, I wouldn’t have been an author today.

Writing gave me the peace of mind. It delivered me into a parallel universe where I was surrounded by good people living in a saintly world. It had a much needed positive impact on an idle brain, surrounded by negativity from people. “

Read the full piece here:

A New Look on Books- Raven Eckman, Pennsylvania, US. 

The Journey Breathes- Zahra Akbar, Pakistan.

The Pen and the Needle- Jessica Starks, Pontotoc, Mississippi, US.

Happy Reading!

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