I will disremember you

Even though it hurts, I will live outside the world

And stare at men who err

I will live amidst the firmament

Still rooted in poetry deep touch

But the sores I wouldn’t show, I will be just far away

Even though night and day is near I will be far away

Just with my lone self, I will think only of thoughts

That endures ever of Christ passion

And man’s creation

When am a bit older than the moon

Still, to share the sad stories I will keep my promise

By splitting it into ears of papers

They should say if they like

That am the flower or wing

Of thee my beloved lover I will smile from screens of clouds

When their hopes are faint

Man is never too slow to accept facts

They say a way lies ahead to change that has brought the chain

They say yet it’s just for a moment

Surely everything lasts for a moment, I will be so faraway

Though with compassion I will let it fade

So staring eyes should fade away

I have caught sores from bayonets

And my backache

Much as enslaved men

Yet it has happened

Our own men enslave their own men.

-Josh King Cruz

About the Poet and Poem

Josh King Cruz, also known as Austin Ogbenigho is from Delta, Nigeria. He is a poet, author, and playwright.

The poem ‘The ode sent to the cloud’  is about several unrequited loves, the speaker decides to forget the last maiden he had met earlier during his younger days and agreed to move on with the pains of love for the lady. Sores in the poem means pains and sufferings. The speaker also expresses his loathe for his country, where his own countrymen enslave themselves.

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