A wise man once said something

of a measurement of the people;

the measurement is not

where the people stand

in moments of comfort,

in moments of convenience,

it’s where they stand.

in moments of challenge

in moments of controversy;

pay attention to those people

who work for everything they have,

who sacrifice every day for the sake

of others, for it will be indubitably be

a very cold day in hell

trying to take away everything

they worked hard for;

these are the people worth fighting for;

they would not flinch an inch of doubt

fighting for you.

-J. D. Bouciquot

About the poet

J.D. Bouciquot is an army veteran and a writer, having a masters in business, living in Miami, Florida.

Dr Martin Luther Kings ‘a measurement of a man’ is about judging the character of a person. It may be titled ‘man’ but he was talking about everyone; women, children, and men; to judge them from where they stand during the controversy, do they help people, or run away?

Bouciquot thinks what he says has many meanings as well, for him, and his poem, J.D.’s message is to stand by those who are worthy, stand by those who will stand by you one hundred times over before you stand by them once. It’s too many times people in society stand by those who are not worthy, who don’t deserve support.



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