“The sun has set on us, this is the end to our journey.

We have been divorced by silence, truly nothing lasts forever.

With you my days had burned brighter, my nights went by with ease.

Love fades away slowly till nothing is left of us.

Finally, we become what we were originally meant to be…

S t r a n g e r s.”

“Keep smiling through the dark times.

Your heart will lighten up and you will find peace.

Keep working through hard times, smart work doesn’t fail, and you will be free.

There’s always a way out.

Life doesn’t stop just because the sun has set.

The heart doesn’t stop beating even when the body is asleep.”

About the Poet

Ekomobong Emmanuel Ikpat is a Nigerian poet living in Lagos. Apart from working at a bank, owning a cake business, and poetry, Ikpat is also a singer and has been winning laurels in that field.

She dreams to be successful in her passions. Her emotions, environment, experiences, music, and the determination to move forward are her inspirations.


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