When I realized you were gone

My ardor shuddered like leaden trust I wept and thought of passing on

It was so short, short to entrust

When I realized you were gone I can’t head home or stay here I lobbied and lied down staring more

The passion for you, what was bare

When I realized poetry

You were gone from my head Still thou miss amiss story

How we held an illusory thread I crooked over these things Passion and love

When I realized you were thin I can’t earn from thou love.

-Josh King Cruz

About the Poet and Poem

Austin Ogbenigho, pen name Josh King Cruz, is a Nigeria poet and author, living in Delta. Apart from poetry, playwriting is also a field he has ventured into. The poem ‘A letter to his Entrust’ is about love and passion, it came as a way of trying to address issues between lovers and poetry. The latter which in today’s world is neglected and the first which is faced by monetary issues thereby making love restricted.

The last stanza shows that poetry can’t earn you enough for a living. So the persona can be said to be a poet, and he addresses both his lover (a lady) and poetry. He has a passion for poetry though he can’t earn from it while he loves his woman who demands money from him.

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