One Starless Night


Days of utter darkness, could not match the blackness of darkness of one starless night. those trapped in the casket, will tell you better the horror and indignation aroused by a night without A Star.

I would give up my prestige and honor to scale through that night. I would surpass the speed of sound with my feet to escape from the furry of ever haunting shadows.

The stars has been my guide for so long, how can I walk now? I’ve been addicted to its serene smile, from whence do I get sunshine?

One Starless night, and hope will be flushed down the eternal drain, One Starless night, and darkness will swallow the last rays of moonlight.

-Israel Sajini

About the Poet

Israel Sajini is a Nigerian writer who believes that the greatest gift you can give to generations coming behind is an inspiration.

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