(Composed on the longest night of December 2017)

A Lamentation 
In this enduring darkness

In this restless rendering of sonata

I hope to ripple the night as a fountain

For I have become

As subtleties curious

Yearning to cast stars as into a bowl of this obsidian

It is here as the morning was unfolding

I looked


The dew of the eyes in my heart

As inky tears


In my mind shadowy with oceans no one sees


I travel love’s poem

And this is the meaning of loneliness today

To remember the sacred beauty

Escaping like light through brokenness

That perfection as it slips

Away from heaviest absence


Without softness


( . . . )

Was once near

As eternal star inside

Now sky above home outside home

And sadness like a waterfall

Pours as if reaching

To touch a dream once held

As a cherished sound in a homeless heart

Quiet like a sigh that can’t be kept

Or a secret lost in the soul of a poet

Not able to find the words

Or the way back to arms

To keep

Or to be kept


A compassionate orchestra of grace

Trickling over stones

Of the infinitely beloved


Now hear the careful sound of melancholy

Ornate with sounds of mournful blue

Released from me



A memory I give so slowly

As dawn trembling down

The alleyways of forgotten colors


Soon I will be

Desperately trying to fall asleep

And flee fast into the flickering candles of warmth

As the light in the window

Of holy insomnia slips velveteen

Stumbles like a prayer across lips

Between two halves of a heart

And a dream that surrenders itself to a kiss


These are the eternal ways

I have been longing to drift away


But no refuge has ever escaped as sweetly as this

When the air was crushing fate

As an angel bathing between collapsed blossoms

A breath remained


And free


It moved

With emptiness and the depth of a final echo

It called out

Would you?

Follow and see


But none listened

And so none heard

Except me


Carry me past threshold and archway

In your drops of sapphire along the curve of sunset

And strangely late with my descent

As wondering crescents


The way a tender remembering would fall


I miss all those old demonstrations of light

So beautiful when admitting

I’ve never seen a similar day as those days

Or a dream as beautiful as those eyes

Where have they gone in their fearless passing?


Where have you come from, oh little recollection?


So bold in your fragile return and moment’s contradiction

Like a day’s flawless revelation

Of a night’s swift upheaval


Take care of your stars dear midnight!


Behold how it waits with me

Until it leaves

As the footprints of another angel gone

But no one can vanish like you do

To follow

As blood does a heartbeat

And thoughts run away with ecstasy

As smudges across the pages of time

And sweetness returned to the undertow


These perfect definitions

I have never known


Soft as this is nothing

And farewell

You child of hidden world

Untouchable as the endless forever

And all that a heart could ever turn toward


Disappearing now

How you

With passages in your eyes

Pirouette on your axis

Unsheathed and disbelieved

In nearness

Without me


Speak up, oh gentility

Do you in stillness still hallucinate the furthest heaven?

And keep your eye on the most naked reason?

(Tell me)

As it burns as impatience and morning sky

So amorous with clouds and what you authored

Is windswept

And still dreaming


All the somewhere and the somehow of drunkenness

As a lover madly within


The story is peculiar and speechlessly sacred

To me

Like a diary written in a sanctified language

To kiss and tell

Of immortals dying in their love


And confessions that confide in me

They arrive

Like eleven-thousand promises on the lips of a mystery dancing

How there will never again be another

Alike unto us


And these are our days

Of tonight and tomorrow

When I am thankful to see you again

However brief

As one teary-eyed moment could persuade


All is unlike the silence inside

And there behind the blindness of such beauty

I still recognize your face

Warm with edges

In the blessed dark

A blurred memory approaching my sanctuary

As tender with a river’s sway

Would the perfect momentum take hold of today

And trespass

As only precious yesterday knows to


Behold the excellence

In which my sorrowful heart could trace a silhouette

I am wilting backward endlessly for you


Perhaps heaven forgives everything

We remember


The snow of happiness


As our images melt

In the folds

Of a rose

Beyond a hush

-Timothy Ball

About the Poet

Timothy Ball, living in Richmond, Virginia is the author of Ministry Eleven, The Angel and the Earthen Vessel, Rose Oubliette and more. He has been writing down his poetic phrases for 15 years. He has two self-published books to his credit, with another one in progress.

This poem will be a part of Timothy’s third installment of a trilogy which he has been working for almost 20 years now.


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