I spoke to myself with a glance in the mirror,
“Those that believe that ghosts aren’t reflected in glass have never stared into themselves during the rain.”
To place yourself in carnage,
A figurative wasteland where even a fat wallet has no say..
Stop yourself,
but not too much..
To keep resistance in  a melody,
is to inhale the foreign chords on the wind’s of a migrating world.
Exhaling, again and again…
no response.
I am my own lighthouse,
smiling upon the wreckage in the night…
My rocky shores take more than give.
I peer back into the rainy distance…
Terrified of the bleak landscape thrown before me…
comfort in familiarity
Swallowed by pain but loving it
Pain tells the battered heart it is possible to feel beyond the dark.
A mend here and there,
it stops the bleeding heart..
Amends here and there, they heal the soul…
But what repairs the spirit?…
no longer one in and of one’s self…
But merely a ghost of someone who used to know.
Ethereal mists and movements,
a push on the shoulder in between dreams…
peace upon awakening…
just the re-salted memory of fingertips brushing the scarred and battered promises in goodbyes.
With every wound, I lick my soul,
I stick like glue on an old mayo and celery sandwich.
Fresh with paprika but stale with age.
 I salt myself with courage and pepper myself with hope…
An ignorant farmer in the middle of nowhere,
a sharp spoon and a dull fork,
hunger with devious intentions.
He put together a spread of butter and biscuits,
not knowing nobody would show.
A pig in a blanket is better on snow,
commitment never shows…
The tedious plans of the past…
the corpse upon the mantle,
holding the clock in brittle hands.
All is of significance in the grand scheme of death in life.
..Nothing means everything,
I’m sitting on a cloud…
I see her down below,
critique her multiple heritages and ancestry, and wonder…
Is it as it seems or are my dreams a delusional vernon nipping away at common sense?
-Nessa Zisman
About the Author
Nessa Zisman, from Albemarle, North Carolina, is the author of children’s book ‘Shouldn’t Be Written’ set for release in April 2018. She is a mother to 6 precious demons, the wife of a dark artist and the glue that holds everything together; a survivor, weaver of words who isn’t afraid to touch on the evils of this world in her written works, as well as on live podcasts ‘In Book Pancake’. Poetry and Prose from an inspirational soul.

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