why do you pick on me and call me such bad names?

you really wouldn’t like it if you were treated the same.

why do you hate me what did I do wrong

please don’t hurt me

please just leave me alone.

you wouldn’t bully me if I wasn’t so small.

you wouldn’t pick on me if I was bigger and I was tall

you only pick on me because I’m not like you

you’re only mean to me to make others afraid too.

you wouldn’t bully me if I had nice clothes too

you wouldn’t treat me like this if I was as fortunate as you.

you wouldn’t bully me if you knew how it truly did feel

treating me like this causes wounds that may never heal.

I wish you wouldn’t hurt me and cause me pain that you do

please God, come help me you’re the only one I can turn to.

god, give me strength make me strong like you

please god, stop this torture and all the misery too.

I feel that I am so helpless when you treat me like you do

I don’t want life to go on being afraid, laughed at and beat on too.

you make me feel so worthless each and every day why do you hurt me and say the mean things you say?

why do you hurt me just to watch me cry?

it makes me feel so useless and makes me just want to die.

why do you hurt me for no reason at all?

I don’t know why you have to make me feel so small you’ve taken my will to live all I hope for is to die

please god, come take me away take me to that shelter in the sky.

-Roy Hale

About the poet

Roy Hale is 42 years old poet living in South Florida, United States. He writes on different subjects. Few of his primary interests lie in love, inspiration, the darker side of things in life. The expression he embodies through his poems encourages him to write more. For Roy Hale, poems are like meditation, helpful in relieving stress and aggravation.

Some of his poems reflect his personal experiences. The rough phases of his life, overcoming them. He intends to inspire people, make them believe to keep fighting, come what may.  He has had a traumatic incident 5 years ago, where he had to fight for his life since then he hasn’t thought twice before helping others to believe in themselves.

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