On changeable Earth human beings are wise,
They want to perpetuate the progress in rise.
Some vie in earning wealth to live happily,
Attractive edifices they build to reside properly.

To lead a prosperous life some are on keen,
To live peacefully they try hard and do gin.
Some are on moonshine and they visualize peace,
They visualize peace by wealth, pedantry and dish.

Do persons indeed get peace from wealth?
Or do they avail eternal happiness or mental health?
Peace can’t be obtained where there is vexation,
Nor it can be acquired in fuss and transgression.

Perplexity and agitation don’t bring peace,
Wealth can bring transient happiness and bliss.
Eternal peace we can acquire through noble work,
Truthfulness, nonviolence can remove anxiety-murk.

We can acquire eternal peace through meditation,
Value in life can save persons from damnation.
Love, purity, charity, truthfulness, believe in God,
These help a person to acquire eternal peace-bud.

-Kumarmani Mahakul

The poem is written by Kumarmani Mahakul in Deogarh, Odisha, India. He keeps interest in rural art, culture, education, drama, and ritualistic village festivals. The poet describes finding peace in simplicity and not in wealth. Wealth can’t bring eternal peace. It can only be acquired through truthfulness, love, purity, charity, and belief in God.

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