Here’s a requested mini collection of Instagram poet and writer April Green by our subscriber.

“I write to remember lost time, forgotten memories. I write to bring that which has died in me, back to life.”

“Never try to find yourself in someone else.

(for if the sun climbed into the moon, there would be no light.”

“Moments of chaos hold the most important messages of all… the things you need to change.”

“That’s the thing with self-love. You wear it like a dress, and it becomes more exquisite with time.”

“When you are lost, let the silence be the only thing you listen to.”

“I would have forgotten by now had it not been for the scars.”

“A person will show you how to love them by the way they love themselves.”

“I am beautifully broken open.

(and that’s how the sky should feel after a storm.)”


Shout out to our subscriber William who wrote to us about wanting a mini compilation.

Comment below or write to us about your favorite writer whose collection you would want to see here.

Happy Reading!

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