After being often asked in the e-mails about the meanings of different names of this website’s pages, here’s a final disclosure:

Opus- Opus is a Latin word, which is used since the early 18th century. Opus implies ‘work’. The homepage is composed of two works, ‘Beautiful Inside and Out’ and ‘Good Exists In All That Exists”

Oeuvre- The French word ‘oeuvre’ originated in the late 19th century and means a body of art, literature or music.

Compendium- Originating in the late 16th century in Latin, the word ‘compendium’ means collection.

Emporium- Late 16th century saw the birth of the Latin word ’emporium’ which means a shop or store.

Gazette- A french, early 17th-century-word ‘Gazette’ is synonymous with a journal, bulletin, or digest.

We didn’t want the website details to look mundane, so this is how we tried to keep things unique.

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