“……After all, good exists in all that exists. You just need to let the good overpower the bad….”

“Good Exists in all that Exists” is a teenage-adult fiction novel written by Harsha Sheelam.

The story unfolds when a new family takes residence in the huge Wintershore mansion. The story builds an atmosphere of suspense as it begins. The novel spins a fascinating tale, with the readers having a rush of emotions- happiness, sadness, amusement, astonishment, mystery, and magic.

The suspense builds further when the protagonist, Claire Austin, a fourteen-year-old girl who resides in the magnificent mansion, unleashes a new world. Claire is the chosen one to end the cold war between good and evil in both worlds.

What is the new world? Who lives there? How did Claire find out about the enchanted land? Who is the evil one? What is the story behind her wrath? and more questions in the readers’ mind will be left to them to answer.

There is a hidden meaning


every action. The book does not fail to enhance the enchanted experience for the reader. The ocean of emotions will conquer the reader’s mind. The novel is spread over 10 chapters. It is written in simple, rich prose and promises to take children on a remarkable ride to the new world and Claire’s endeavors.
“……..“Let the midnight blue sparkler have the honor to be locked at the nape.
Sprinkle on the wall, the silver cosmos from the heaven.
Say it loud, say it clear.
‘She is born with vivid blossoms, in her gayest hues.
She transcends into beauteous beams of Aurora. Letting only a few like the Black Eyed Susan bloom.
As she enters her midlife she bestows showers on the world’s surface, giving life to Cassia.
At the end of heydays, she gets swirling and pale. She forms spirals in the midnight sky, the world looks plain as white. She still hasn’t lost her grandeur.
The folk still fear her valor and wrath if tampered with. Because no death knell is rung for her, as she rises again next year.’ ……”

-Good Exists in all that Exists

-Harsha Sheelam

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