Agni’s father agreed and told him that we need to treat people the way we want to be treated.

Perhaps, he is right. ‘Learning the Three Magical Words’ is a story from the book ‘Beautiful Inside and Out’. The story leads a child to believe the importance of staying rooted to the ground.

The story takes a non-conventional way to describe the use of Please. Sorry. Thank You. These words mend the relationship between a father and a son in the story. These words helped the brat to pacify his temper, and mend the slightly strained relationship with his family.

There exists a very thin line between demand and request. but not many people understand the difference and the consequence of crossing the line. These words do not come easily to those who haven’t gulled their pride. A person devoid of the boastful attitude will always be open to appreciation, respect, and consideration.

No one would ever want their loved ones to grow up to be someone bragging, put on airs, or attitudinize.

Do good to others. Genuinely care. Don’t obey a convenience relationship. Be true to yourself and others. What kind of a person you want to be?

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