When we hear the word ‘prejudice’, we generally associate it with racial discrimination. However, prejudice runs deeper. ‘Love them for who they are’ from ‘Beautiful Inside and Out’ is a true story.

It’s about a good, but an opinionated girl who doesn’t wish to accept anyone who doesn’t score as high as her in their academics. Seems trivial? It does. But, for the ten-year-old girl, who wished to be accepted into the friend’s group in spite of low grades found it relevant.

Childish ignorance sometimes prevails over children. ‘Following the crowd’ or perhaps, the people around you has been a plague ever since. Not only the children but also adults tend to do what others do.

Everyone is different. It all comes down to parents teaching children about the right and wrong actions, and eventually the children’s sense of understanding.

A man’s character is based on the content of the soul.

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