“Never be angry with your neighbour because his religious views differ from your own; for all the branches of a tree do not lean the same way.”

-William Scot Downey

Of all the negativity in the world, which has existed among mankind, the ones caused by the difference in religious views, customs and sentiments are the most disappointing, shallow, oppressing, and distressing.

‘Love is above all’ from the book “Beautiful Inside and Out” explains that friendship or love shouldn’t be restricted due to the difference in religion. The pre-existing hatred that exists between communities should be deprecated.

Humanity is above all religion. Directed steps and careful actions make a person. A person’s ethical behaviour on education, social needs, sympathy and love; have no religious basis to it. Equivalently, in the story, James does not let the pre-existing war between two communities affect his ethics to support an innocent.

One religion is as true as another.

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