Young teens face a different set of challenges that target gender equality. Societal norms, stereotypes are harassing the advancement of girls and women. These stereotypes hold back women from exploring their potential.

“The Great Animal Derby” is one of the ten stories from “Beautiful Inside and Out”

The short story speaks very gently about the achievement of a young girl, Karol. The Great Animal Derby always boasted of young boys racing to the finish line. But, Karol overcame the hostility around her to participate in the derby. Her potential outgrew her opponents, and she gained her victory.

The progress of gender equality is so painfully slow. Many young women have voiced their opinion about how they are exposed to gender norms from a very young age. Families, media, schools, friends, and the society at large have put them down.

The story is very gentle and sweet-tempered while bringing out the main theme. The journey of Karol from engaging in the favorite sport of Ivyland to being successful in her play is a more demure way of expressing today’s issues over stereotypes.

“What men can do, women can do better”

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