You too, my mother, read my rhymes
For love of unforgotten times,
And you may chance to hear once more
The little feet along the floor.

-Robert Louis Stevenson

Our mother holds a special space in our heart. She spends nine months caressing us in her womb to bring us to life. Holding her hand we learn to place our first footstep, leaving footprints of love in her heart. But it doesn’t remain the same over the years…

“Dear, Mom” is one of the stories from the book “Beautiful Inside and Out”. It speaks about the importance of our birth giver, her struggle to make balance in every sphere of her life, fulfill her duties as a mother and simultaneously work her way to achieve her goals.

The story speaks about the bond between the mother and the children. How a mother forgives her children’s follies each time they make a mistake, only to hope they will get better with time. It is believed that one understands the importance of something when they lose it. No, Himara and James Straight did not lose their mother. But, felt her absence partially when she fell sick. As the story proceeds, the selfless and warmth of mother’s love is put through.

The heart of a mother is like an abyss, one can only find forgiveness at the bottom of it. And, so did the protagonists. They hoped for their mother’s forgiveness through a letter expressing their guilt for not valuing her presence.

A very small excerpt from the letter:

“We decided to write this to you in order to appreciate all that you do for us. It’s true when people say that you understand the importance of something when you least have it.

We turn on a new leaf today.


Himara and James”

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