“A story exists in all that exists”

Welcome to Harsha Sheelam’s website.


Harsha Sheelam is the founder & CEO of Byrut Business Solutions, author, editorial writer, business and management researcher, social worker, and business graduate. She takes interest in playing the Indian musical instrument, Sitar and weaving embroidery.

Her columns have been published in national and international media. Her first research paper has been published in kaleidoSCOPE (Standing Conferences of Pubic Enterprises), Journal of Hospitality Application and Research and others.

Regarding her books, she concentrates on the issues of today that young teenagers face and tries to motivate the young children towards positivity. She chooses an unconventional way, quite different from the stories of yesteryears. Her fantasy tales empower young girls and boys to be strong, optimistic and confident. She believes that children have the inquisitiveness to learn more every day, and in an era where they are exposed to a wide variety of media, books are the only way to sustain their innocence. She accepts that every person is beautiful inside and out and shouldn’t be put down by anyone who thinks otherwise.

Full of humour, wit, and insight; the short stories and novel champion hard work, perseverance, honesty, and compassion. The books have age-old and contemporary wisdom in a delicious form.

Her books:

Beautiful Inside and Out

Good Exists in all that Exists- A novel

The House of Terry Atterberry

Poppydown Pals

Adventures of Zora Nobleaura

Byrut Discovery Call

Byrut is a second brain for businesses. We work with the main aim to not only advice the clients on business strategies, but also execute it for them. Byrut is on the mission to create, add value, and make businesses special. We help our clients serve ‘their’ customers, to the best of ‘our’ abilities.

We take into account:


Website & App Development & Design

Financial Services

Research & Development

Human Resource Review

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